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  Marco Island, FL






  Broadband High Speed Internet Service



  Two-way high-speed (no phone line required) Internet access is available from Marco Island Cable!  End your days of busy 

  signals and expensive and unreliable dial up or DSL services.


  We offer reliable and fast Internet service!  The set-up is extremely simple, and your cable connection to the Internet will be 

  up and running in a matter of days.  Our Residential Service connection speed is a maximum of 15.0 Mbps for downloads and 

  a blazing 5 Mbps for uploads, that's more than 280 times faster than any dial-up Internet Service Provider.  Your Cable

  modem Internet connection comes with all Internet services you need, so you can eliminate the extra phone line and the

  cost of your monthly Internet service provider.  You can save anywhere from $30-50 per month depending on your

  existing service and configuration!


  All this and at $29.95 per month for service it is at least $12.95 per month less than our cable competitor’s

  Internet service!   It’s also less expensive than our local telephone company’s DSL.


  In addition, all accounts come with unlimited Internet access and email accounts!





What is Required:



  1.  A Docsis Cable Modem  -  You may Rent or Purchase one from Marco Island Cable, or you may supply your own.

                 * Marco Island Cable does not recommend connecting a Cable Modem directly to your computer via a

                 USB connection due to the many issues we have encountered with customers' computers and multiple

                 manufacturers' Cable Modems. We highly recommend the use of a Network Adapter in the computer to

                 avoid problems and ensure a reliable internet connection.


  2.  An Active, Working Cable TV Outlet  -  Required to be within 10 feet for a wired computer connection.* This may 

                 not pass a doorway or walkway, and should be measured around the walls. Longer wire runs, additional

                 outlets, outlet activations and other special installations can be done at an additional cost and in some

                 cases may require an additional appointment.

  3.  An Electrical Connection  -  A wall outlet, extension cord or surge protector strip is required within approximately

                 5 feet. 1 connection is required for wired installations, 2 may be required for wireless installations. * Some  

                 equipment's electrical connections may require a larger amount of space due to the equipment's power

                 transformer (Ac to DC Adapter).





Wireless Security Statement



  For your safety and security Marco Island Cable configures all Wireless Routers that we Rent and Sell

with the latest, WPA2-PSK (WPA2 Personal) wireless encryption security.  Please check with your

Computer Manufacturer, Wireless Adapter Manufacturer, or Local Computer Support Technician

to ensure that your computer's Wireless Adapter Hardware, Software and Drivers are all WPA2

Security Compatible.  In many cases, Software and Driver updates are necessary.




Internet Service Rates & Fees



  Residential Internet Service            15 Mbps Download / 6 Mbps Upload                                              $29.95 monthly


  Commercial Internet Service          15 Mbps Download / 6 Mbps Upload                                               $59.95 monthly


  Cable Modem Purchase                  With a 2 year replacement warranty.                                                                $99.00


  Wireless Modem Purchase             With a 2 year replacement warranty.                                                              $179.00


  Professional Installation                 Our Technician will prepare the ACTIVE Cable TV Outlet of                           $99.00

                                                            your choice, balancing the cable signal to the appropriate levels.

                                                            He will install the Cable Modem Equipment and ensure that it is

                                                            working properly. Our Technician will then connect and configure

                                                            your computer for the internet and email. * Marco Island Cable

                                                            does not install, configure or support wireless routers not

                                                            supplied by Marco Island Cable. ** Our Technicians do not

                                                            perform Computer Repairs, Upgrades or In Depth Training.


  Self-Installation                               This includes your account setup, cable modem provisioning,                             $59.95

                                                            outside filter removal by a CATV Technician (if required) and

                                                            includes a coax jumper wire and splitter with pick-up.


  Reconnect Fee                                 To reactivate your service from vacation status.                               $30.00 each time


  Desktop Wired                                Wired PCI Network Adapter with a 2 year warranty.                                       $20.00

  Network Adapter


  Laptop Wired                                   Wired PCMCIA Network Adapter with a 2 year warranty.                             $35.00

  Network Adapter


  Laptop Wireless                              Wireless PCMCIA Network Adapter with a 2 year warranty.                          $50.00

  Network Adapter


  Desktop Wireless                            Wireless USB Network Adapter with a 2 year warranty.                                 $50.00

  Network Adapter





Vacation Plan



  There is no charge to put your internet service on vacation.  There are no monthly service charges while you are on vacation. 

  Equipment rental fees will continue to accrue for any non-returned rental equipment while you are on vacation, however you

  may return the rental equipment and schedule to pickup new rental equipment when you return at no additional cost.  There

  is a $30.00 fee to reactivate your service from the vacation plan.  Marco Island Cable requires a minimum of 24 hours notice 

  to deactivate/reactivate your internet service.  Please contact our representatives at (239) 642-4545 to place your account

  on vacation or reactivate your service from the vacation plan.



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Call (239) 642-4545 to order



 Pricing does not include sales tax on equipment rentals or purchases.  There is no sales tax or franchise

fees on internet service.  Prices do not include taxes and franchise fees.  Pricing and services are

 subject to change.  Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors affect speed.




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